Coffee Stains

Get coffee stains out of anything!

Similar to some red wines, coffee stains can be extremely hard to remove. This is because many beverages — coffee, tea, and red wine included — contain tannins due their high temperatures.


STEP 1) Pretreat the stain with a prewash stain remover, like Resolve Stain Stick, and launder with chlorine or oxygen bleach

STEP 2) Sponge the stain with cool water or soak the garment in cool water for 30 minutes.

TIP: If your coffee had milk or cream in it, make sure you use a detergent with enzymes in it that will help break down stains, like Tide Coldwater Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent.


STEP 1) Mix 1/2 tsp of liquid dish soap with 2 cups of cool water.

STEP 2) Using a clean, white cloth, sponge the stain with the mixture.

STEP 3) Repeat until the stain disappears, then sponge once more with cold water and blot dry.


STEP 1)  Blot up as much of the coffee as you can. Then, mix 1/2 tsp of liquid dish soap and 1/2 tsp of white vinegar, and 2 cups of warm water. 

STEP 2) Using a clean, white cloth, sponge the stain with the mixture. Apply a little bit at a time, blotting frequently with a dry cloth until the stain disappears.

STEP 3) Finally, sponge with cold water and blot dry.


METHOD 1)  All you need is a Good Housekeeping Seal Star Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wipe off marks.

METHOD 2)  Sprinkle some baking soda on top of your dish soap to add an extra oomph of abrasion and clean as usual.



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