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    My name is Kelli, I am your Dream Clean Expert. This is a 1 woman cleaning business, operating out of Lansing, Michigan, with the ability to travel up to 30 miles out.

    I started this business on the 1st of this year, 2021. Your probably wondering why I have decided to work alone... I simply want to ensure that every clean is done to perfection. Yes, perfection & the only way I can be 100% certain of this, is to be present doing the work myself.

    I offer same day, 1 time (emergency), Weekly, Bi-weekly, & Monthly cleaning services.

    My Mission is to give you the best cleaning you have ever even dreamt about. I take pride in my work and I am very good at what I do. I am sure to WOW you with every clean. I guarantee that you will walk into the best smelling, most sparkling clean of your dreams. I am so confident in every clean I offer, that if you are not satisfied, I promise to return, same day, at no cost to you.

    I understand that people work and not everyone trusts people in there home when they are gone. This is why I am willing and able to work past 5 upon request, 6 days of the week. I do not work Sundays because that is a day for rest & worship. I pray that you too are able to spend that day with our Lord in Heaven.

    I can't wait to hear from you! You deserve that clean you've been dreaming about and I'm here to make sure you get it...

    The 1st appointment is for the walkthrough. This way I am sure to give you a proper & fair price. Without this initial contact you are at risk to be overcharged, which is definitely not acceptable. Honesty is my #1 policy, that I have built this business around.

    Please, don't hesitate, act now and book a consultation for FREE!

    I accept e-mails, text messages, & phone calls as well.

  • Dream Clean Process

    I am here to give you the clean you've been dreaming about!

    Basic Clean

    The basic clean includes my touch everything policy. This means everything gets dusted or cleaned, vacuumed or moped, from top to bottom, left to right. If it can be lifted or moved, then I am able to clean under and behind.

    • Dust home from top to bottom 
    • remove all cobwebs
    • Dust everything entirely (top, bottom, sides)
    • Disinfect doorknobs, handles & light switches
    • Disinfect remotes
    • Spot clean baseboards
    • Dust ceiling fans/light fixtures & lamps
    • Dust Blinds
    • Dust vents
    • Dust all wall hangings 
    • Dust top of refrigerator
    • Dust/spot clean windows
    • Wipe down washer & dryer
    • Countertops (including backsplash on walls)
    • Tables & chairs Including High-chairs
    • Appliances (wipe & shine)
    • Microwaves (inside & out)
    • Mirrors
    • Sinks
    • Showers/tubs
    • Shower doors (glass) 
    • Shower caddies & shelves
    • Toilets (including backsplash on walls)
    • Toothbrush holders
    • Fold hanging towels, neatly
    • Hand scrub bathroom floors (grout)
    • Vac/mop all floors entirely
    • Vacuum Rugs (move out of way until the floor is clean & replace)
    • wipe outside all trash cans, empty & re-line

    Deep Clean

    Begins with the basic clean,

    but involves more detailed cleaning. This type of clean will remove the deep dirt and grime from your home. It covers all the areas that are not covered in a basic clean.

    Includes . . .

    (see basic clean) +

    • Wash doors (both sides)
    • Hand wash baseboards
    • Spot wash walls
    • Vacuum window curtains 
    • Clean windows
    • Polish all wood
    • Clean under and behind anything that can be moved.
    • Vacuum air ducts
    • Clean fireplace (no chimney's)
    • Deep clean dishwasher
    • Vacuum refrigerator coils
    • Clean oven (inside and out)
    • Clean on top of all cabinets
    • Clean shower heads (will remove to clean if needed)
    • Clean dryer vents
    • Clean inside washer
    • Dust/vacuum behind washer & dryer
    • Flip & rotate mattresses
    • Clean ceiling fans & light fixtures 

    Move-out/in Clean

    Are you ready to move, but your worried about the cleanliness/sanitation of the home? You have come to the right cleaning expert. This clean will not leave a single thing in the home untouched.

    Includes . . .

    (see basic clean)

    (see deep clean) +

    • cabinets & drawers (inside+out)
    • Hand wash blinds
    • Mop/vac (under appliances)
    • Spot clean carpets (*I supply carpet scrubber & cleaning solution)
    • wash all light fixtures (take down if necessary)
    • Wash all walls (upon request)
    • appliances (inside+out)
  • Cleaning Guide

    Cleaning your home step-by-step

    Assess the clean.

    Look for all cleaning tasks that will be included in the clean. Then decide what resources will be needed. What cleaning tools and types of cleaners will you use?

    Prepare to clean.

    Gather all the resources you decided on & always read labels to be sure you are using them correctly. Then you want to eliminate clutter and trash that will potentially slow you down.

    Clean systematically NOT haphazardly.

    This means, you want to start from one side of a room and move your way toward the entrance of the room. This way you are saving yourself time from going over things twice as well as saving money on how much water and cleaning solution you are having to use.

    Ready. Set. Clean.

    1. Dust from left to right and top to bottom. Framed pictures, TV screens, computer monitors, & mirrors are cleaned with glass cleaner to avoid streaking.
    2. Vacuum. Always check your vacuum before every use to be sure it is not too full and nothing is clogged. While vacuuming you will want to use the correct setting and attachments as you go. 
    3. Sweep/mop. Start at the furthest corner of the room and work your way toward the entrance & always rinse your mop after completing a 4x4 section.
    4. At this time if any beds need to be made this is a good time to do it. 
    5. Bathrooms.  Remove rugs and trash can; Remove everything from tub/shower and sink; wet & spray tub/shower and allow it to sit; scrub tub/shower using grout brush as needed; clean shower rack; rinse tub/shower; spray cleaner in sink and soap dishes; spray counters & wipe clean; scrub sink & wipe clean; use grout brush along faucets and drains; wipe down front of cabinets; clean mirror; shine all faucets; clean toilet inside & out; Hand wash the floor; replace trash can and mats/rugs.
    6. Kitchen. Wipe down counters and cabinets starting at the right of the stove & don't forget tables and chairs; clean the face of all appliances (microwave gets cleaned inside & out); wipe down the stove entirely(including backsplash); soak drip pans and knobs in sink; clean inside and around the sink(including backsplash); Sweep & mop floor (use less cleaning product in water to prevent build-up on the floor); empty trash and wipe down trash can.
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